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The St Anne Pre School Group is a joint initiative between the Parish of St Anne and St Bede and St Anne’s Primary School. The group meets during school term at St Anne’s School.

These gatherings provide wonderful opportunities for children, ages 0 - 5 years old, and parent/carers to have fun, build friendships and support each other. The sessions include free play, snack time, music and varied activities. Sessions are also held in the foundation class prior to special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Mothers' and Fathers' Day. This has resulted in an informal transition to school where children feel confident in the school environment and ready for school. Children must be accompanied by an adult and everyone is welcome.

Being able to call on fellow parents at short notice for help when you can’t make it to school pick-up and the meal rosters quickly and quietly put together when members of the school community can do with a hand are just some of the examples of how St Anne’s families help each other out. (Kathleen – Parent)

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