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St Anne’s Primary School is part of a caring and inclusive community where the wellbeing of every student is prioritised. Staff are committed to working "together in knowledge and faith" to ensure the emotional, spiritual and academic growth of every child.  

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St Anne's produced outstanding results yet again in Naplan 2023.Our year 5 cohort achieved the highest ranking of ALL Catholic schools in the Eastern Region.Compared to ALL (Catholic, Independent and Government) schools in the Eastern Region we finished in the top 13%.Compared to ALL schools state wide we finished in the top 3%.

Year 5 Numeracy Mean Score Comparisons

Year 3 Numeracy Mean Score Comparisons

Year 3 Reading Mean Score Comparisons

Year 5 Reading Mean Score Comparisons

Year 3 Writing Mean Score Comparisons

Year 5 Writing Mean Score Comparisons

Year 5 Spelling Mean Score Comparisons

Year 3 Spelling Mean Score Comparisons

Year 5 Grammar Mean Score Comparisons

Year 3 Grammar Mean Score Comparisons




“I love the sense of community that is generated at St Anne’s.  The children all know each other across the different year levels and we easily get to know the other families at the school.  It is a gentle and caring environment where my children have always felt safe and eager to learn.  The teaching staff are interested in my children and providing the best learning experience for them.  Mr James is very approachable and enthusiastic about all that the school has to offer.  My children have made great friends and are keen to get involved in all aspects of school life.  I am confident that this primary school is providing my children with the start they need to develop a love of learning."
“ I pick up my grandchildren regularly and attend many of the school events and when I pick them up the children have always had a good day and have lots of stories about what they have been involved with and what they have been learning.  The senior staff are extremely visible at the gate and around the school and are always looking out for the children. The teaching staff are very engaged.  I have seen my oldest grandchild grow up at St Anne’s and move on to his next school setting and he and his friends were well prepared and motivated to take on the challenges of their new school and its opportunities from the good grounding and experiences they have received at St Anne’s.”
We just wanted congratulate the Principal Greg and his wonderful Staff for an absolutely fantastic and fun filled night concert evening. It was was sensational!!! Every child was a star and it was so evident that they loved being a part of the whole performance. The setting was perfect; intimate, relaxed and friendly hence we all carried along joining in the fun, laughing and even shed the odd tear or two.  The input of the senior students was so evident as there was a real ownership and a sense of pride in what they had achieved. None of this could have happened without the support and above all the dedication and time put in by all the teachers.
A huge thank you to you all!
“I have never experienced anything as uplifting and life affirming as last night.
I have never seen a group of young people of whom every single one is highly gifted in some extraordinary way. I have never seen anywhere else a group of teachers and staff so thoroughly committed both individually and collectively, to the growth and wellbeing of the children in their care.
I have never seen such a unanimously committed group of parents as supportive of the school as it is of them. I have never seen anything like this in any walk of life, let alone a primary school.
I knew last night would be really good, though I never imagined in my wildest dreams it would be so good. I was taken completely by surprise. I cry at the movies….you can fill in the dots yourself. If anyone can do anything to change the world it is the young people like ours, taught at places like St Anne’s.
I have been on this earth for over 70 years and I never imagined that “never” could be such a powerful word for optimism and hope. St. Anne’s might be a small school, but it has a heart the size of the universe."


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