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We believe that embedding STEM into our curriculum is vital as the disciplines are integral to every part of our lives. These four subjects are everywhere in the world around us so a curriculum that is STEM-based has real-life situations to help our students learn.

St Anne’s STEM Program

At St Anne’s, STEM gives students an opportunity to apply skills and knowledge across the range of curriculum areas. This integrated approach motivates students to problem-solve. STEM subjects and how their knowledge can be applied outside the classroom is preparation for the students to take their place in a STEM related workforce.

Students work both independently and collaboratively to identify  questions, apply new knowledge, explain phenomena and draw evidence-based conclusions. In foundation to year 2, the program incorporates play and experimentation, with the student being encouraged to wonder and develop questions. As they move through the school into years 3 - 6 immersion sessions followed by rich questioning, planning and research leads to a celebration with an expo which is open to the community.


Digital Technology is an embedded part of everyday life. Our curriculum allows students to become confident users and creative developers. Technology is used to connect students through their learning task enabling them to collaborate on work in using different forms of presentation: written, visual and motion. Students also explore how digital systems work through exploring the hardware of devices and researching how wireless systems work. Technology is also used to record students work through digital portfolios and personal reflections.

Digital Citizens

Being a responsible digital citizen is paramount to our staff and students. Parent information evenings, cyber safety lessons and participation in an annual eSafety week (part of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation)  helps to develop responsibility when navigating online communications and social media. In preparation for secondary school students gain their ‘digital licence’ which helps to prepare them with online issues such as cyberbullying, digital footprints and copyright.


As well as interactive screens in each classroom the foundation to year 4 students have access to a bank of iPads and Chromebooks. In years 5 - 6 there are 1:1 devices which allows work to be shared directly to students using Google Apps for Education. This allows students to access the internet for all curriculum areas when needed: a virtual tour of the Colosseum in Italian to programming a backdrop for the school concert in Performing Arts.

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