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Fundamental to successful learning is student wellbeing. The development of a positive growth mindset supports the diverse and changing needs of every child. Social and Emotional Learning is taught across the school to reflect student need and develop student values consistent with the teachings of Jesus. Support services from Catholic Education Melbourne along with private agencies are accessed to ensure that the learning needs of all students are met.


At St Anne’s Primary School we believe everyone has the right to be part of a nurturing and safe learning environment. A positive and proactive approach to behaviour is the most effective way to empower students to act in a responsible manner. St Anne’s Primary School is a Restorative Practice School which aims to develop positive behaviour through critical and reflective thinking.

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At St Anne's we actively promote the social emotional learning of every student. All programs presented have an expectation that all students will;

  • show respect for themselves and each other
  • build positive relationships
  • demonstrate expected behaviour through critical thinking and making good choices
  • accept responsibility for their choices
  • reflect, problem solve and learn from their actions.


The St Anne's Primary School Program is overseen by the Student Wellbeing Leader. With a qualification of Master of Education they create a positive school community that promotes the wellbeing of all students to contribute to their academic success.

St Anne's realises the need for highly skilled people to coordinate and implement support programs for students. The support services accessed will vary depending on the needs of individual students. Through a school referral process, students have access to services provided by Catholic Education Melbourne. Specialists and therapists in the areas of speech and psychology along with educational advisors are contacted by the school when necessary. St Anne's also welcomes accredited therapists from the private domain to work with students and families when it is seen to be of benefit/need.


A Psychologist from Healing Minds  has clinical hours one day a week at St Anne's to support students and families in need. Referrals are made confidentially through the Wellbeing Leader or Principal. These services are funded under a Mental Health Care Plan obtained from a GP.


At St Anne's we are committed to ensuring that all students are given the best chance to access the curriculum. This may require us to provide classroom support, time allowances to complete work or the introduction of special learning programs where it is deemed to be beneficial. All schools must now complete the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability every year. We have a responsibility to and will include all students who are perceived as benefitting from additional adjustments to their learning or “help” at school.

St Anne’s is a very happy place. One is always made to feel welcome. Children always have happy memories of their time at St Anne’s. (Val - Grandparent)

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