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TRANSITION PROGRAM: Kindergarten to Foundation  


Information about the Transition program to be sent out.


Parent Information Evening

An evening for parents that unpacks the school day and provides information on the best way to prepare students.


There are three orientation afternoons for foundation students to attend.

At these sessions students will meet each other in the foundation classroom, play some games, meet their teachers and explore their new school. Parents are invited to stay at school for a “cuppa and chat” together with the Principal and Deputy Principal.


Parent Social Evening

This evening provides the opportunity for foundation parents to meet each other and members of staff over some cheese and wine.

Third Sunday in November | Foundation Families Welcoming Mass |10.30am 
New families are invited to our Welcoming (Hospitality) Mass at St Anne’s Church with a morning tea after. 

Kindergarten Visits
A St Anne’s teacher will visit your child's kindergarten giving them the opportunity to see them in a familiar and comfortable environment. The kinder and St Anne’s teachers also liaise about the best way to make a positive transition to school for each individual child.


Buddies Afternoon

Our new foundation students will meet their “big buddy.” Each student is paired with a Year 6 student who will help them throughout the year (more information on our Buddies program)

First Day of School (occasionally this maybe late January).
Foundation students do not attend school on Wednesdays during February of Term 1. Students will be required to attend school on one Wednesday in February for a mini-assessment. This will take around 45 minutes. 

Parent/Teacher Interviews are held in February.

TRANSITION PROGRAM: Year 6 to Secondary School

As with our foundation students there is a thorough transition program for year 6 students.

Applications for secondary schools have to be submitted usually two years prior to the beginning of secondary school.

Senior students at St Anne’s participate in weekly wellbeing lessons throughout the year. During fourth term the year 6 students have lessons focused on transitioning to secondary school. These lessons involve the practical skills needed, such as reading timetables, catching public transport and also the social and emotional feelings the students may be experiencing leaving their primary school setting moving in to secondary.

After offers are sent out, secondary schools visit St Anne's to meet the students and a discussion with the class teachers.


Students celebrate in a Graduation mass and meal with families and school community.


Year 7 students are invited back for an afternoon tea with teachers and given an opportunity to catch up about the start of secondary school life.

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