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The Parish of St Anne & St Bede has a Parish Education Board (PEB) which provides support, advice and feedback to our Parish Priest, School Principals and Staff. The education and faith development of our children during their pre-school and primary education is the major focus.  Regular meetings are held throughout the year and school parents are encouraged to join the PEB so that they can share their knowledge and insights.

There are three St Anne’s parent representative positions on the PEB and membership is held on a rotational basis. The PEB works together to ensure the wellbeing of our children is at the heart of everything we do at St Anne’s School. For more information please visit the parish website.

Parents are welcome to attend Assembly each week, which is a real privilege. In witnessing this snapshot of school life, it is immediately evident that the children know everyone else at St Anne’s, enjoy celebrating achievements of their peers and have genuine affection for each other.  (Richard- Parent)

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