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The Italian program at St Anne’s extends students’ capacity to communicate and strengthens their understanding of the nature of language and culture.

All students participate in weekly sessions with a specialist teacher covering the four main language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The curriculum provides the students the opportunity to study the Italian language.

The Italian alphabet, which is very similar to the English alphabet, therefore giving the students the confidence to learn.

The program is enjoyed by all St Anne’s community as parents are invited to watch students’ showcasing their work at assemblies through song, prayer and poem. Senior students are also invited to participate in the Eastern Region Poetry Recital Competition and the Dante Alighieri drawing competition.

Students use technology to support their learning by using google earth, languages online and google translation to complete tasks which are them shared with families through digital portfolios and the seesaw app.


The Arts curriculum at St Anne’s is organised into two domains, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. Both domains are taught weekly, Visual Arts by the classroom teacher and Performing Arts by a specialist teacher. The Performing Arts curriculum includes four strands which are Dance, Drama, Music and Media Arts and are reported over a two-year cycle. Both domains focus on exploring and expressing ideas, skills and practises, and presenting and performing.


In Dance, students explore the elements of dance, skills, and techniques through the practices of choreography, performance and appreciation. In their dance making, students use a variety of stimuli (ie. nature) to create and communicate ideas and intentions through movement.


Learning in Drama offers students the tools to express emotional and intellectual concepts. It can develop critical and creative thinking, and the ability to work collaboratively whilst exploring the dramatic elements of role, voice, movement, space and time.


Music is learned through developing skills and knowledge associated with the elements of music. When making and responding, students develop musical skills through activities that draw on the practices of listening, composing and performing, separately and in combination.

Media Arts

Students make and respond to Media Arts forms such as film, news reports, advertisements, music videos, animation, video games, graphic novels and/or a combination of these. Media Arts enables critical thinking, collaborative and creative expression and an awareness of visual literacy and technology.

Visual Arts

Learning in Visual Arts involves students making and responding to artworks, drawing on the world as a source of ideas. Students engage with and develop knowledge of visual arts, skills, techniques and processes, and use materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.

Community Connections

The Arts program has strong community connections through the following activities and events:

Biennial Whole School Production

Every two years St Anne's produces and performs a whole school production. Each class rehearses an item involving singing and dancing. The story and themes are workshopped by a group of senior students with a professional film production manager with experience in script-writing. The issues discussed and materialised within the script are student led and driven. Students also play a vital role in choreography, composition, stop-motion animation, coded animation, set and prop preparation and song selection.

Biennial House Arts Festival

In the opposite year to the School Production, colour houses participate in a festival showcasing music, drama and dance with the theme of Christmas. The seniors develop and create a performance for their house colour which includes an original song, instrumental piece, dances and a script which ties these elements together. Seniors coach and direct the juniors and middle levels, which culminates in a House Festival performance with awards for Dance, Drama and Music as well as an overall House winner.

Biennial Visual Art Exhibition

This is a Visual Art exhibition which is connected to the House Arts Festival. Organised by the Arts Team, students showcase 2D and 3D artworks produced throughout the year.

Glee Club

Glee Club is an open choir for students years 2 - 6  who perform at Glass Street Kindergarten, Eva Tilley Memorial Home, Parish Picnics and Community Carols

End of Term Instrumental Concerts

End of Term Instrumental Concerts include performances from the Glee Club, drum, guitar and keyboard/piano students which are all instrumental lessons offered through the school.


Our aim is that all children will leave St Anne's with the skills and confidence to enter any sport.

At St Anne’s we believe it is essential to promote an understanding of the relationship between physical activity and fitness, nutrition and health and fair play and life. Physical education  in play, recreation, sport, fitness and outdoor environments provides challenge, skill development and enjoyment. Health education teaches students how to enhance their health, safety and wellbeing. This allows the students to build and manage respectful relationships.

Weekly physical education sessions:

  • The Foundation to year 2 students are introduced to a range of fundamental motor and movement skills which they explore and begin to develop;
  • the year 3 - 4 students begin to master these skills and apply them in game situations;  
  • The year 5 - 6 students extend and adapt their skills to wide ranging competitive and recreational sports;
  • throughout the whole school fair play is taught and expected;
  • all children are taught to follow the game rules and encouraged to be a good sportsperson.

Our Physical Education program not only helps to teach the children the importance of an active lifestyle, but it also teaches the children lifelong skills about teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play which they will use in their everyday life on the playground and beyond.

Community Involvement

The Physical Education program is enhanced through our immediate and wider community including various professional sporting clubs sharing their specialist skills with the children via clinics and the coaching of teams.

District Sport Involvement

As they progress through the school the students are provided with opportunities to participate in a range of competitive District sporting carnivals such as Hoop Time Basketball, Hockey 7s, Netball, Soccer and AFL round robins, Swimming, Cross country and Athletics. Successful competitors may continue through to Region and State finals.

Interschool Sports Program

Our Years 5 and 6 students participate in weekly Interschool team sports along with other primary schools in the District. Sports covered are Cricket, Volleyball, Softball, Football, Soccer and Netball. Annually they compete in the popular Battle Ball carnival which provides all students the opportunity to experience belonging to a team, positive sportmanship as well as further developing their sporting skills.

House Sports Carnival

All children when arriving at St Anne’s are welcomed into one of our three House Teams. We have an annual Twilight Sports Carnival when all children Foundation – Year 6 are led by Year 6 House Captains in an evening of traditional and novelty events. This is a whole school occasion,  attended by all families, showcasing school spirit and team work.

Annually the whole school is involved in a Water Safety Program at Genazzano. These sessions offer basic rescue techniques and survival skills which add another layer of safety for our children.

Through classroom Inquiry based units, a Health focus is investigated to encourage a healthy lifestyle, positive choices for personal safety and lifelong physical participation.

Community Teams Associated with St Anne’s

  • St Anne’s Netball Club
  • St Anne’s Basketball Club
  • St Anne’s Ski Club
  • Kew Rovers Football Club
  • MLC Gymnastics Club
  • Tennis In Stages


St Anne’s Library is a bright, welcoming space with varied learning areas.

Our Library Resource Centre (LRC) is staffed by a Teacher Librarian and parent helpers.  Literature, Information Literacy and Library skills are taught to the Junior students that visit the LRC each week.

Every student has a class borrowing time with additional flexible options to borrow resources to support their learning. The students also utilise the library for smaller group tasks and individual research.

At St Anne’s Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Awards is celebrated by the whole school with literature appreciation by means of a myriad of activities.

Every year St Anne’s broadens the the children to enriched visits from popular authors or illustrators.

St Anne's Library holds an extensive collection of current and relevant resources to support the learning and teaching needs of the St Anne's community.

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