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A key feature of our Year 6 program at St Anne’s is the varied and diverse opportunities students have to become school leaders. We believe all people can develop leadership skills, and that their words and actions can positively influence those around them. To develop and cultivate these skills in our Year 6 students, we focus on leadership traits such as showing empathy, being reliable and developing confidence.

Every Senior Student has the chance to represent and lead the school in a variety of roles;

  • School Captains
  • Sport Captains
  • House Captains
  • Social Faith and Justice Leaders
  • Library Leaders
  • Art Leaders
  • ICT Leaders
  • Green Team
  • Peer Mediators
  • Buddy Program.

Year 6 students participate in a leadership program led by the Student Wellbeing Leader that consists of the students developing personal and team goals. The students learn about presentation skills, responsibility, organisation and teamwork. Through these leaderships positions leaders model standards for all students from foundation to year 6.


The Buddy Program has been a long tradition at St Anne’s Primary school.  Foundation students are buddied with senior students to support their transition to school and to reinforce positive behaviours and school values. This program supports the development of positive relationships and for all students involved. Foundation students develop a strong sense of belonging leading up to and during their first year of primary school, whilst year 6 students take on the responsibility of developing a supportive, nurturing and fun-filled friendship. Buddies take part in many activities throughout the school year, including story reading, sitting together to celebrate mass, craft, outdoor activities, and lots of catchups over lunch!


Year 5 students are rostered on as Peer Mediators each recess if a problem in the playground arises.

Our Peer Mediators are trained during Term one. They focus on developing conflict resolution and affective listening skills.

Peer Mediation is when we help two people or two small groups in the playground with minor disagreements.  We listen to both sides of the story and help them come to an agreement on how to solve their problem.


Students from years 1 - 6 are members of our Student Representative Council (SRC). They meet regularly as a group and discuss ways in which to make positive changes to the school and fundraise for different charities.

St Anne’s was an incredible primary school that I still, and always will, look back on with fondness. It was such a caring and welcome environment that made sure every student, from prep to grade 6, were looked after. The teachers created a warm and encouraging setting where learning was fun and enjoyable. The opportunities, from academics to sport to music, were all incredible, allowing all children the freedom to find their passion. It was an amazing 7 years of my life that I will never forget. (Tom, former student) 

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