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First Lego League Challenge

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

WOW! After attending our first ever "FIRST LEGO League Challenge" regional tournament we are thrilled to share that we are the proud winners of not one, but two awards - the Engineering Excellence Award and the Coach/Mentor Award! Congratulations to our 3 teams of Year 5/6 students who attended the event on Wednesday. All students had a blast participating in and watching robot games throughout the day. They also presented their innovation projects and robot design to a panel of judges and were calm under pressure as they answered the judges' questions- demonstrating how well they knew their material! The judges were blown away to find out that our students were rookies AND some of the youngest participants!Not only was this our first ever tournament after working with our new robots for just a term, but our students were competing against students up to the age of 16 - many of whom have years of experience with robotics and many other tournaments under their belts. Yet thanks to all the hard work and preparation from our teams, their coaches and teachers, our students were composed, focused and, to their credit, took it all in their stride. Throughout our preparation we emphasized the importance of fun, teamwork, and bringing a growth mindset to the competition. These values shone through in so many ways on the day, with some of them being our colourful team uniforms (OOTD had to go to CTM2!), celebrating the success of our team-mates, and when our teams calmly tried and re-tried when their robot failed.Special congratulations to our team Oompa Loompas - Bruce, Casper, Asher, Howard and Quan - on bringing home the Engineering Excellence Award. This award celebrates a team with an efficiently designed robot, an innovative project solution that effectively addresses the season challenge and great Core Values evident in all they do.Our coaches were also recognised with an award for inspiring our teams to do their best. This award belongs to all our staff who have worked tirelessly both inside and outside of school hours to make this tournament a reality- Mrs Redmond and Mr Kittelty who joined me as coaches, Mrs Smith and Mr Kittelty who supported teams with their innovation projects in the classroom, and to Mrs Browne who secured the funding to bring this exciting program to our school.The STEM room will be open on Thursday 24th Nov from 3-4pm for families who would love to see our Lego Champions in action!

Thank you,

Mrs Logue, STEM Teacher.

Watch the video here of the day!

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